August 2012 – Change

It certainly seems like we can’t resist a diet of stress, intrigue and suspense. Much like that Bavarian Crème donut just won’t stop beckoning when the only thing you came in for was a cup of coffee; we somehow get attracted to a lot of things that really aren’t the things we should be snacking on. The lure of bad habits or forbidden fruit is always strong and the tug of war of human urges versus common sense is the familiar theme of so much of our lives. The temptation to make the plot thicken, to “villainize” change, or to dread things that may never even come to be; is what we do so naturally. “How much have cost us, the evils that have never happened?”- Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes we agonize over things at the moment that will be hard to even remember six months later. That’s my formula, if I won’t be able to remember it in six months, is it really worth getting that worked up over right now? Change is inevitable, but change is inevitably difficult to accept.

In our local market place on Cape Cod, there has been a big change in the way Andersen windows and doors will be sold. There will be one less large retailer selling Andersen but still plenty of others left to service the market. When this change took place, many people called us and said, “You must be thrilled” or “This has got to be a great opportunity for you.” Our answer is we are never thrilled to see another company go through the painful process of ending a long term supply relationship. There, but for the grace of God, goes any one of us. Also, in terms of opportunity, every new day is an opportunity, but opportunity dresses in work clothes doesn’t it? We aren’t waiting for opportunity to show up and favor us. Opportunity simply gives us the chance to get to work and prove we can make the right things happen, take care of our customers and improve ourselves. Opportunity isn’t a gimme, it’s just the beginning of a process.

We’re excited that some new customers will get a chance to learn more about our incredible deep bench of window and door talent in our Shepley Showcase. We have window and door specialists who rival anyone in the industry. We have a fabulous service department led by Mark Hambly. Our service folks consistently have some of the top customer satisfaction scores in the country according to Andersen and their satisfaction surveys. We couldn’t be prouder of the people who get it right and fix it right.

But the most important parts of all this, are that we have a responsibility to support the Andersen brand in this market and that we don’t take anything for granted. We are motivated not to sit and wait for opportunity to knock, but to raise the bar ourselves on how windows and doors are sold in this market. Even if people are happy, we’d like them happier. Whatever we are today, we would like to be better in the future. With your confidence and communication, we can do anything you need us to do. We look forward to the opportunity to work for you! Thanks for your business!

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