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Production Paint Machine Operator


Production Paint Machine Operator

This position is responsible for working with a team to paint boards as assigned using a paint machine. No painting experience required!

Responsibilities of the Production Paint Machine Operator include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Feed boards into machine while catcher pulls board out following application of paint.
  2. Maintain production flow and daily reports.
  3. Identify and resolve machine and quality problems.
  4. Communicate with loading/offloading team to ensure constant production flow.


  1. Set up machine according to AM Checklist, cut plastic, and set up feed end (feed rollers and brushes).
  2. Pull boards after paint has been applied and place boards on drying rack without scraping bottom of boards.
  3. Turn drying racks to fill other side – call off-loaders to bring rack to drying room.
  4. Inspect boards to ensure coverage is complete and meets established quality standards.
  5. Between boards, catcher should get drips and finger prints off boards and paint board ends.
  6. Tag first and last board of each lift to direct loader where lift starts and ends. Outside vendor lifts should have lift number on tags.
  7. Work with feeder to have continuous high-quality production.


  1. Transfer stock in and out of Bin and Paint Rooms.
  2. Unwrap and tally all goods to be painted and place on proper carts. Ensure tally tickets are on all lifts (stock, special orders, outside vendors).
  3. Keep paint stocked and machine filled to maintain uninterrupted production.
  4. Package all stock orders, special orders, and outside vendors’ orders following accepted guidelines.
  5. Move full racks from paint machine to drying room.
  6. Set up room for production every morning.
  7. Band all lifts according to guidelines so lifts are the same.
  8. Maintain equipment: banding machine, vinyl strapper, and forklift.
  9. Close down shop following established procedures.


  1. Bin knots according to established techniques paying attention to Bin guidelines.
  2. Know how to identify a Shepley Quality board.
  3. Prime special orders by hand as assigned by Supervisor.
  4. Communicate with co-workers to re-stock raw pine and remove lifts of binned boards.
  5. Sweep and clean wherever stock change is occurring.
  6. Notify appropriate personnel when supplies get low.
  7. Ensure tally tickets are on all lifts coming out of Bin area.
  8. Maintain opening and closing checklist and fill out daily Bin reports.
  9. Notify appropriate personnel regarding cut boards, rip boards, and dunnage boards.

All Positions:

  1. Use lock out/tag out procedures when machine is being cleaned.
  2. Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  3. Maintain inventories: pain, machine brushes, thinner, clamps, hoses, etc.
  4. Report all safety issues and employee injuries to supervisors immediately.
  5. Assist in other areas as needed.

Hours are: Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and some Saturdays 7 a.m. – noon.

  • Repetitive stooping, twisting
  • Exposure to skin irritants
  • Exposure to dust/fumes/airborne particles
  • Repetitive squatting, kneeling
  • Prolonged standing, walking
  • Lifting over 50 pounds

Minimum: high school diploma or equivalent.

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