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October – Are We Wrapped Too Tightly?

by, Tony Shepley It’s ironic that as we super insulate houses we have created unintended moisture consequences that in many ways  may cancel out any energy savings benefit we have actually gained. Over the past 20 years moisture caused issues in new construction have skyrocketed. These issues include condensation, mildew and mold, extractive staining (tannin Read More


September – Sharp Thinking and Cutting Edge Technology

By Tony Shepley, Some years ago, we learned of a new product on the market that made remarkable safety claims. The inventor had tried to market his new technology to all of the major players in the industry and they all turned him down. He then started his own company and began production of his Read More


August – More Roofs Over More Heads

By Tony Shepley, What do Aging in Place, Workforce Housing, and It’s Too Expensive To Live Here all have in common? They all have a common solution: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s for those who like acronyms), the right of a property owner to have an additional legal housing unit on their existing property. Whether it’s Read More


July – Remembering Ken

By Tony Shepley, The hardest part of losing someone is when we become acutely aware of how important they are to us and how deep our feelings are for them. This has been said by so many people in so many different ways that you’d figure by now we’d have a better handle on how Read More


June – Customers May Not Always Be Right, But It’s Our Job To Help Them Get There!

By Tony Shepley, Let’s never forget that customers are our only reason for being able to succeed and stay in business. My dentist has a sign on his wall that says, “Ignore your teeth, they’ll go away”.  Doesn’t that work for customers too? Our customers are always our customer, not just on certain days of Read More


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