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Henry Blueskin VP 100

Henry Blueskin VP 100

As a builder on the Cape and Islands, you want the greatest defense against the damaging effects of water and moisture intrusion while also maintaining breathability. For coastal homes that face year-round exposure to wet, salty air, like those on Nantucket or Cape Cod, effective weatherization is essential.

Blueskin® VP100 is a premium, self-adhered vapor permeable, water-resistive barrier designed for wood-framed residential and multi-family construction. It protects buildings by eliminating air gaps and water and moisture intrusion and self-sealing around nails and fasteners. Blueskin VP100 combines an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film.

Henry Blueskin VP 100 has become a go-to solution for greater moisture control, water protection, and durability. Builders and homeowners alike can trust that their home will stand up to the rigors of the jobsite and elements.

Cheney Blueskin

Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™


  • Self-seals around nails and fasteners for lasting water tightness
  • Achieves more than 95% drainage efficiency
  • Eliminates uncontrolled air leakage to reduce energy costs
  • Improves air quality by helping to reduce mold proliferation
  • Easy installation with peel-and-stick system


When used as part of the Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™, Blueskin VP100 is backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Repairs are covered for both materials and labor with a single point of contact.

There’s no time to waste when looking for the right weatherization system.

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