September 2016 – Lumber Update

By Paul Rogers,

Sales in August were a little slower than they had been in recent months, but there was still plenty of activity going on at every level. Most are anticipating a very busy fall and that September will bring back some of the momentum that was lost, picking up where the bustle of spring left off. Because of this optimism, the outtake of lumber was healthy as buyers jockeyed to cover their needs before any significant demand kicked in. Pricing remained flat but firm. Some mill lead times got well extended beyond the normal

1-2 week time frames, due to their order files growing before they were able to fulfill their pre-shut down commitments. Buyers took heed of these extended lead times, and acted by covering themselves well into the month. As long as everyone’s appetite for wood doesn’t supersede their needs, the market should remain strong throughout the month. As mills continue to produce, buyers get their orders and a better understanding of where business activity is going, we can expect to see pricing to remain flat but firm for September.

We often hear the phrase that “time is money”, and it is certainly true. Although it is easy to calculate the obvious time-wasters (such as sitting in traffic), it is harder to quantify the less obvious ones, such as the scratch-your-head moments as you try and figure out what it is that you did (or didn’t do) to get the results you weren’t expecting. What you don’t know is your worst enemy against saving time and earning money. We all face opportunity costs every day and, especially with the trades, it can be glaringly obvious what it costs you to be off the job. However, it can also be argued how much you stand to gain in terms of time and money when you invest in yourself by stopping to learn new techniques or skills. On Friday, September 9th from 7:30am to 2:30pm, we are hosting an event here at our Hyannis location that we are extremely excited about as it is the premier event in our industry for learning the not-so-obvious techniques and skills that are proven to save you time and money. The “Katz Roadshow”

(, conducted by Gary Katz, an industry professional who will, along with his team, teach you topical matters about carpentry that are guaranteed to save you time and money. Featuring topics such as managing moisture, production trim techniques for high end homes and preparing rough openings properly (among many others), we are certain that you will go away with absolutely no regret in attending as what he covers generally is not information that you can easily learn elsewhere. In addition, attending this clinic will earn you 4 FREE CSL Continuing Education Credits! Please see more about this highly respected, one-of-a-kind event in this Shepformation edition and our e-mail blasts, and be sure to RSVP today.

We are excited for the opportunities we see in front of us for this fall, and hope that we have earned your business by qualifying ourselves as the best material supply partner in our territory. With events such as the Katz Roadshow, know that we are on your side when it comes to wanting to be your biggest supporter in a successful outcome of your project. We appreciate your continued support, and sincerely thank you for your business!


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