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What You Want Isn’t Always What You Need

By Tony Shepley

How many times do we, or our homeowner clients, look at one aspect of a situation without considering the whole picture? A perfect example is one I ran across in which a builder asked me to review a disclaimer he had written. The homeowner requested that kiln-dried, pre-stained shingles be butted tight together in a sidewall installation to get that perfect Architectural Digest “sidewall nirvana” look. The installer had written up a “hold harmless” liability release that he wanted to have the homeowner sign in order to release the installer from future claims. I suggested the contractor stop right there and look at the situation through the eyes of a judge. After all, this is Massachusetts, in which we have very liberal courts, and a consumer protection stance that has few rivals in the other 49 states. Mass case law does not support this type of liability release in that the consumer may not realize what they signing off on.  And the very fact that a vendor or service provider is asking for such a release to be signed is a form of proof that the provider knows they are doing something improper. See the photo above that we recently received from a manufacturer to show the potential end result of butting kiln- dried shingles tightly.

Now picture yourself in a court of law on the witness stand, on the receiving end of the judge’s interrogation, answering why you decided to take installation matters into your own hands but hang the responsibility on your client. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it! Now imagine the poor innocent homeowner taken advantage of by the experienced professional, whose job it is to know better, compounded by a release that the homeowner now says they didn’t understand when they signed it. Your position in a Massachusetts court room could at this point start to feel like Custer’s Last Stand.

Building Codes, Arbitration, and Courts of law are going to go back to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Typical spacing on dry white cedar shingles is called out at 1/8” between shingles to allow for swelling due to moisture absorption. Straying from that spacing and then confirming with a customer release that makes it clear you are not following the specifics of the installation requirements now leaves a smoking gun.  Don’t set yourself up for trouble. Protect yourself by explaining what the product requirements are and what the likely outcome may be of failing to perform the installation correctly. Any homeowner seeing a buckled sidewall photo will start to understand that shingles are thin, open grain, dry pieces of wood that will swell when exposed to moisture. Now you’ll be on the right side of the situation by preventing the issue, rather than the wrong side as the one who let it happen.

Mark Twain once said, “Common sense isn’t so common”.  Yes, often what we need gets overruled by what we want. The best cure for innocence is experience. One of the most important parts of building is guiding and tempering customer expectations. Next time someone asks you for something that’s likely not to work, try education instead of just plain accommodation. We’re happy to help you with the facts you’ll need to perform that education. Our job is to help you give customers both what they want and what they really need.

Title CDL Drivers – Hyannis, Wellfleet, and Nantucket Locations
Location Hyannis, Wellfleet, and Nantucket location
Job Information

CDL Drivers – Hyannis, Wellfleet and Nantucket Locations

This position is responsible for the delivery of lumber, building materials, and millwork.  CDL preferred, but we will train the right candidate with a good driving record.

Click here to download a copy of the job description: CDL Driver

Apply Now

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
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8:00 AM Registration & Check-in
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April is National Ladder Safety Month

Did you know…

  • $17.1 billion is spent on workplace falls
  • Falls are in the top 3 most disabling workplace injuries
  • Ladders are #6 on OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations list

Using Ladders

Choose the right type and size ladder. Except where stairways, ramps, or runways are provided, use a ladder to go from one level to another. Keep these points in mind:

  • Be sure straight ladders are long enough so that the side rails extend above the top support point, by at least 36 inches.
  • Don’t set up ladders in areas such as doorways or walkways where others may run into them, unless they are protected by barriers. Keep the area around the top and base of the ladder clear. Don’t run hoses, extension cords, or ropes on a ladder and create an obstruction.
  • Don’t try to increase the height of a ladder by standing it on boxes, barrels or other materials. Don’t try to splice two ladders together.
  • Do not apply personal or job stickers/decals.
  • Set the ladder on solid footing against a solid support. Don’t try to use a stepladder as a straight ladder.
  • Place the base of straight ladders out away from the wall or ledge of the upper level about 1 foot for every 4 feet of vertical height. Don’t use ladders as a platform, runway, or scaffold.
  • Tie in, block or otherwise secure the top of straight ladders to prevent them from shifting.
  • To avoid slipping on a ladder, check your shoes for oil, grease, or mud and wipe it off before climbing.
  • Always face the ladder and hold on with both hands when climbing up or down. Don’t try to carry tools or materials with you.
  • Don’t lean out to the side when you’re on a ladder. If something is out of reach, get down and move the ladder over.
  • Most ladders are designed to hold only one person at a time. Use by two workers may cause the ladder to fail or throw the ladder off balance.

Inspecting Ladders

Before using any ladder, inspect it. Look for the following faults:

  • Loose or missing rungs or cleats
  • Loose nails, bolts, screws
  • Wood splinters or damaged edges
  • Cracked, broken, split, dented or badly worn rungs, cleats or side rails
  • Corrosion of metal ladders or metal parts

If you find a ladder in poor condition, tag the ladder and take it out of service. If repairs are not feasible, it should be removed from the jobsite.

NOTE: Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Tool Box Talks. Should any question arise that you cannot answer, don’t hesitate to contact your Employer.

By Craig Fischer

It is an exciting time to part of the Andersen family in the world of windows and doors.  Andersen’s commitment of continued innovation and growth as the market leader has made the Architectural Collection the go to for architects, builders, and homeowners. With performance, durability, and style, the 200 Series and 400 Series have been the core of the AW brand throughout the past 30 years on the Cape and Islands. The good news is the AW core brands are just as prominent in today’s market and the Architectural Collection allows for unlimited window and door solutions. The Architectural Collection, consisting of the A-Series, E-Series, and Architectural doors, work together to give your project unlimited design capabilities. I’ve had the pleasure to be on the front line working with our building community meeting and exceeding expectations with the Architectural Collection.

A- Series 3-panel “Big Door” on display in the Shepley Showcase.

A-Series patio doors can provide performance grade ratings of PG70 for the Impact Stormwatch rated patio doors. Remember the weather of March 2018 – Nor’easter after Nor’easter? We were ready on the Bayside and Nantucket thanks to the A-Series! The “Big Door” is a relative term used by Andersen. In West Dennis, we provided a 4 Panel A-Series Gliding door 12’w x 10’h – now that is a big door! Remember I stated innovation with performance? A-Series casements and double hung doors have monumental sizes up to 4’w x 8’h – that is also big!  Another great feature of the A-Series is the extensive color options. A-Series gives you the opportunity to choose from 11 colors for both exterior and factor interior finishes. I will give you a tip: the projects with canvas (linen color pallet) interior color or a black interior have been spectacular. A-Series = Architectural opportunities.

E-Series products offer a traditional and contemporary window and door solution for all to fall in love with. All casements and awnings are produced with stainless steel hinges and operators mandatory – great in a coastal environment. Speaking of the E-Series awning, how about a kitchen window of 5’w x 4’ 4”h with a Truscene screen to look into your back yard? The extruded aluminum cladding with a clear coat coastal finish offers 60 standard exterior colors as well as custom color capability. The E-Series hinge doors offer two styles to give you variety in your upcoming projects. Yes, the Frenchwood style is popular, but did you know the E-Series can provide 4’ 11/16” rails all around on the hinge door?  And have you seen the ¾ lite panel door on display in the Shepley Showcase? E-Series = Unlimited capabilities.

E-Series ¾ lite panel door on display in the Shepley Showcase.

Architectural Outswing Folding doors, Multi-Glide doors, and the Weiland lift and slide remove the boundary between the interior and exterior to create an extraordinary space in any home, restaurant, or business. This is an exciting opportunity to have large panel openings engineered with smooth and easy operation. 

Project collaboration and communication between your client and all building professionals can start right here in our updated and interactive Andersen Showcase. We are very passionate at Shepley with the sales, service, and delivery of all your Andersen orders. Our dedicated Shepley Service team will teach and provide excellent customer service on all of the Andersen product offerings.

Please visit the Shepley Showcase – 75 Ben Franklin Way Hyannis to meet me and my fellow Andersen Window and Door Specialists and review your upcoming projects.  – Your View is Our Vision

By Paul Rogers

A lull in the market tempered buying for most of March, but it wasn’t because outtake was poor on the retail level. Despite March coming in like a lion, it wasn’t enough to quell the pace of construction. Sales were brisk, but the bulk of energy spent by buyers was chasing down late lumber trucks, many of which were purchased in February. Although the winter was a relatively wet but mild one for Southern New England, it was an entirely different situation in northern climes where snow storm accumulation was measured in feet, not inches. It became a real struggle to keep inventories flush as both production and trucking backlogs continued to grow. Distributors enjoyed the business that was thrown their way by retailers who were trying to fill holes in their inventory, but not to the extent that they would have liked. It became apparent that some over-buying occurred during the February rally, so demand still paled against supply.

Subsequently, pricing languished for most of March and those at the wholesale end of the supply chain worked extra hard to move out their higher priced material, but were met with few takers. With the official exit of winter, there is a fresh outlook that business will be strong this spring. It’s anticipated that there will be another round of buying that will occur as dealers jockey to cover their anticipated needs. As of print, prices are flat but firming more every day. We do anticipate for them to moderately climb as we progress through April. 

We’ve been blessed with a surprisingly busy first quarter of 2019, and are excited for what the rest of the year will bring. We have come to realize that one of the hardest things that we must do in busy times is to stop and find the time to concentrate and understand the information before us. It runs contrary to human nature (especially if you are running a business and have a busy personal life), but it’s a simple fact that mistakes are more apt to occur when you are rushing and/or distracted, and the resulting mistakes can be disastrous. One prime example of where rushing can be problematic is reviewing quotes. We are often subjected to making sense of them in order to make a fair comparison which, we know, is time consuming and confusing, at best. However, it is critical to cross-check quotes against your own list (or another supplier’s) and to review important information, such as lead times, warranty information, and required sundries. Having the faith that your supplier has quoted you accurately and thoroughly alleviates some of the pressure you have double checking lists, and this is an area that we excel at. We want you to be spending your time landing and starting a job that will, ultimately, lead to a successful and profitable outcome. In addition to having a very deep bench of experienced sales people who specialize in their respective categories, we also have comprehensive methods in place that ensure that you have all that you need in order to be at your best vantage point when quoting a job. Taking advantage of our sales people’s expertise will surely be your best foot forward in obtaining a comprehensive quote, but we also encourage you to ask questions that you may have regarding any discrepancies that you may see when comparing our quotes to other suppliers. Although we are very confident that our quotes are accurate and thorough, we embrace the opportunity to perform an apples-to-apples comparison to verify where the differences are and review them with you for your own edification. We know that your biggest premium is time. After all, it’s quickest to flip to the bottom lines, compare and draw conclusions that one quote is better than another, and run with it.  However, we sincerely want you to be fully supplied and within budget, so please take advantage of our services. We know that the time you spend with us at the quote stage will pay you back in dividends in time and money once your job is underway.

With spring upon us and with what appears to be a good year ahead, we are excited to show you all what we can do to enhance your business. We hope that we have earned our place as your number one supplier of building materials but, if we aren’t there yet, please let us know so that we can get to work on it. Thank you for your business!

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