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Charitable Giving

Donation Request Form

If you represent a nonprofit organization that is doing great things for the Cape & Islands community, we want to hear from you!

Charitable Giving Requests

Our Charitable Giving Committee, led by employees of Shepley, accepts and reviews funding, sponsorship, and in-kind donation requests throughout the year on a rolling basis. To request a contribution from Shepley Wood Products, please review our giving objectives below and complete our donation request form online.

Our Giving Objectives

  • Our giving priorities are aligned with the interests and needs of our employees and our customers.
  • The majority of our donations focus on agencies, in the communities we service, that are champions in areas of health, human services and foremost – housing.
  • We look to positively impact and strengthen the quality of the communities we serve.

Please complete this form 60 days or more in advance of your deadline date.

Please describe the organization(S) these requested funds will go toward, including any that will receive ancillary benefit. What is the organizations primary mission, where is it located, who and how many people does it serve?
Please describe exactly how the funds will be spent, including administrative costs, operating costs, etc. Please be specific about the disbursement of funds, giving percentages if possible. Will there be a tangible result from this donation? For example: equipment purchase; handicap ramp; creation of specific programs, etc.