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Meet Our Team

Shepley Tony 8 2023

Tony Shepley

Administration President
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Dennison Thomas

Tom Dennison

Administration General Manager
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Dias Tom

Tom Dias

Administration Company Operations Manager
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Howell John

John Howell

Administration IT Manager
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Lavin Shannon

Shannon Lavin

Administration Administrative Coordinator
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Hoell John

John Hoell

Sales Sales Operations Manager
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Mac Phee Deborah2

Deb MacPhee

Administration Receptionist
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Brigham Martha

Martha Brigham

Service Service Coordinator
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Thomas Kevin

Kevin Thomas

Administration Inventory Manager
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Whiting Dan3

Dan Whiting

Administration Marketing Director
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Lydia Stormwind

Administration Marketing Associate
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Berkowitz Jenna

Jenna Berkowitz

Administration Training & Development
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Guay Alisha

Alisha Guay

Sales Special Order Coordinator
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Madera Joseph

Joe Madera

Engineering Engineered Wood
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Campbell William

Bill Campbell

Engineering Structural Steel
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Kovach Elizabeth

Liz Kovach

Estimating Estimating Manager
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Murphy Joseph

Joe Murphy

Showcase Showcase Manager
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Bearse Santos Tammy2

Tammy Bearse-Santos

Showcase / Mid Cape Window Specialist
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Gagnon Katrina

Katrina Gagnon

Showcase / Upper & Off Cape Window Specialist
Contact Katrina
Miller Rebekah

Rebekah Miller

Showcase Andersen Purchasing
Contact Rebekah
Clifford Cassidy2

Cassidy Clifford

Sales / Mid Cape Inside Sales
Contact Cassidy
Campbell Dwayne

Dwayne Campbell

Hardware Architectural Hardware
Contact Dwayne
Eaton Roy

Roy Eaton

Hardware / Nantucket Architectural Hardware
Contact Roy
Manfredi Richard

Richard Manfredi

Hardware Architectural Hardware
Contact Richard
Iodice Peter

Peter Iodice

Interior Millwork Outside Sales
Contact Peter
Saluti Francis2

Frank Saluti

Interior Millwork Outside Sales
Contact Frank
Amster Lauren

Lauren Amster

Interior Millwork Outside Sales
Contact Lauren
Ormon Amanda2

Amanda Ormon

Interior Millwork Inside Sales
Contact Amanda
Nadeau Casey2

Casey Nadeau

Interior Millwork Inside Sales
Contact Casey
Milagre Eduardo2

Eduardo Milagre

Sales / Nantucket Inside Sales
Contact Eduardo
Signs Ryan

Ryan Signs

Millwork Shop Millwork Shop Coordinator
Contact Ryan
Angiolillo Marc

Marc Angiolillo

Sales / Nantucket Nantucket Branch Manager
Contact Marc
Lanzoni Steven

Steve Lanzoni

Millwork Shop Shop Supervisor
Contact Steve
Pratt Peter

Peter Pratt

Millwork Shop Millwork
Contact Peter
Leblanc Joseph

Joe LeBlanc

Millwork Shop Millwork
Contact Joe
Richard Jeremy

Jeremy Richard

Millwork Shop Senior Moulder and CNC Operator
Contact Jeremy
Richard Paul G

Paul Richard

Millwork Shop Master of Custom Millwork
Contact Paul
Hambly Mark

Mark Hambly

Service Service Manager/Technician
Contact Mark
Romkey Jaime

Jaime Romkey

Sales / Upper & Off Cape Outside Sales
Contact Jaime
Russo Chris

Chris Russo

Sales / Upper & Off Cape Inside Sales
Contact Chris
Jalbert Joshua2

Josh Jalbert

Sales / Mid Cape Outside Sales
Contact Josh
Kratz Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kratz

Sales / Front Counter Front Counter Manager
Contact Jeffrey
Balboni Peter

Peter Balboni

Sales / Mid Cape Inside Sales
Contact Peter
Cappucci Fred

Fred Cappucci

Sales / Wellfleet & Outer Cape Inside Sales
Contact Fred
Lino Greg 2

Greg Lino

Millwork Shop Millwork
Contact Greg
Miers Brandon 2

Brandon Miers

Sales / Mid Cape Inside Sales
Contact Brandon
Clifford Jason

Jason Clifford

Sales / Wellfleet & Outer Cape Wellfleet Store Manager
Contact Jason
Barton Peter

Peter Barton

Sales / Wellfleet & Outer Cape Outside Sales
Contact Peter
Thompson Poncho2

Poncho Thompson

Sales / Lower Cape Outside Sales
Contact Poncho
Pina Nicholas

Nick Pina

Sales / Lower Cape Inside Sales
Contact Nick
Mason Jonathan

Jon Mason

Sales / Nantucket Outside Sales
Contact Jon
Nosal Ed 2017

Ed Nosal

Sales / Nantucket Inside Sales
Contact Ed
Grilli Sarah

Sarah Grilli

Interior Millwork / Nantucket Inside Sales
Contact Sarah
Zimmerman Victoria

Victoria Zimmerman

Administration Human Resource Manager
Contact Victoria
Boswell Tina

Tina Boswell

Sales / Front Counter Front Counter Inside Sales
Contact Tina
Griswold Karl

Karl Griswold

Millwork Shop Millwork
Contact Karl
De Meule Tessa

Tessa DeMeule

Interior Millwork Inside Sales
Contact Tessa
Kempton Josh

Josh Kempton

Sales / Upper & Off Cape Inside Sales
Contact Josh
Tsoleridis Natasha

Natasha Tsoleridis

Estimating / Front Counter Estimating
Contact Natasha
Moniz Mary

Mary Moniz

Sales / Mid Cape Inside Sales
Contact Mary
Crowley Lindsay

Lindsay Crowley

Showcase Showcase Estimating
Contact Lindsay
Regan Tim edited

Tim Regan

Showcase Showcase Sales
Contact Tim
Rodrigues Isa

Isa Rodrigues

Sales / Front Counter Front Counter Inside Sales
Contact Isa
Cusack Joe

Joe Cusack

Showcase Showcase Sales
Contact Joe
Brown Cristina

Cristina Brown

Administration Executive Assistant
Contact Cristina
Morse Wesley

Wesley Morse

Service Service Technician
Contact Wesley
Cormay Charles

Charles Cormay

Sales / Lower Cape Inside Sales
Contact Charles
Kelley Andrew 2

Andrew Kelley

Administration Assistant Operations Manager/Safety Officer
Contact Andrew
Mac Donald Peter

Peter MacDonald

Showcase / Mid Cape Showcase Sales
Contact Peter
Welburn Mark

Mark Welburn

Interior Millwork / Mid Cape Interior Millwork Sales
Contact Mark
Kapinsky Randy

Randy Kapisky

Interior Millwork Outside Sales
Contact Randy
Da Silva Lucas

Lucas Amaro DaSilva

Sales / Front Counter Front Counter Sales
Contact Lucas
Chapenski Rafael

Rafael Chapenski

Finance / Mid Cape Credit Assistant
Contact Rafael