EPDM Roofing

EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Monomer), more commonly called rubber roofing, has been used for over 25 years in both commercial and residential roofing. EPDM is a high performance, cost efficient product for low slope or flat commercial and residential roofs. EPDM is available in both black and white, and is sold in a broad variety of widths, ranging  from 7.5 feet  to 50 feet and lengths up to 100 feet and comes in two thicknesses .045 and .060. EPDM can be installed either fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, with the seams of the roofing system sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape.

EPDM offers:

  • Ease of installation
  • Low cost application
  • Durable, flexible membrane
  • Installed with ordinary hand tools
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any application
  • Highly resistant to heat, alkalis acids and oxygenated solvents 

EPDM roofing is usually installed over  a recovery board commonly known as fiberboard or for a better performance polyiso insulation board is used. Polyiso insulation comes in a variety of thicknesses to add R-value to the roof structure and is also available in tapered panels to add pitch. Fastening systems for the polyiso come in a variety of sizes depending on the thickness of the insulation panels. They also have different  fastening  systems for either wood, metal or concrete structures.

EPDM comes available in cured, and uncured. Cured is typically used in sheets to be glued down with bonding  adhesive on flat or low sloped areas. Uncured is typically used for flashings  to wrap around extrusions such as post or inside and outside corners. EPDM has been used mostly in the cities in commercial high rise buildings, but here on Cape Cod there has been a lot more contractors using EPDM on buildings that have walk out decks where they install rubber roofing under a sleeper system deck. With the tapered roofing panels there is no need to have to taper the floor joist anymore which makes the job more cost efficient by saving the contractor time.

Shepley stocks a full line of EPDM roofing  products including the rubber, insulation boards and fasteners. For any help with any roofing or siding questions please contact either Andy Senatore or Gordon Correia. We are the roofing and siding specialist here at Shepley (not just) Wood Products.

Gordon Correia has over 35 years of industry experience—20 plus in the field and over 15 in sales. He works along side Andy Senatore and they are the Shepley Roofing and Siding Vertical Product Specialists. Gordon and Andy have over 60 years of combined experience. Don’t hesitate to  give them a call with any roofing and siding questions you may have. Gordon’s Cell 774-836-5886 / Andy’s Cell 774-836-3149












Tim Messier was a long time Shepley customer and roofing contractor. Tim passed away, unexpectedly, on November 30, 2013. He is survived by his parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters and his 4 children.Tim is pictured here on the roof of the Hyannis Food Service, at the airport rotary. Tim and his crew installed a new rubber roof on that building in 2007.

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