By Frank Saluti,

I’d like to take a minute to tell you about the Fas-N-Fast newel anchoring system. This newel anchoring system is much less invasive than your traditional anchoring system. It alleviates any need to cut plugs that would cover anchor points of other systems. This is ideal when working with round and tapered posts, as well as stain grade posts, where quite a bit of time is spent custom fitting a plug and sanding it smooth. Fas-N-Fast is a completely self-concealed system.

Here’s how easy it is to install:

  • First, determine the desired placement of your post.
  • Then, use a 2” holesaw, drill into the bottom of your post until a depth of 13/16” is reached, then remove the remainder of the hole with your router.
  • Attach the top plate into the hole using 6 each 3-1/2” Screws (#10 Gal. deck screws are recommended).
  • Continue by drilling a ¾” pilot hole into your tread/nosing.
  • Mount the bottom plate in the same fashion as the top making sure that your pilot hole is centered on your bottom plate, and that you are fastening into your stringer or joist.
  • Finally, insert the threaded rod into your bottom plate and fasten the two plates together to form a secure anchor.

You can also reference the instructions provided with the product or check out their “how to install” video on YouTube.

Using the Fas-N-Fast anchoring system can save you anywhere from 10-15 minutes per post on your install!  Not only is this system quick to install, but it is readily available for your project as it is being stocked at Shepley Wood Products!


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