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5 Reasons to Consider Garapa for Your Next Deck

When it comes to choosing the right material for a deck, there are many factors that the contractor and homeowner should consider. Today there are several products on the market, varying in material, color, style, price, and strength. As a builder, you want to make sure you’re using the best materials available. At Shepley, we always strive to find products with a balance of price, durability, and performance. Iron Woods® Garapa Decking, Garapa Gold™, a high density hardwood species native to Brazil, is an excellent option to consider for your next wood deck project. Chosen for its natural beauty and reliability, Garapa is often compared Ipe decking and is growing in popularity among homeowners, builders, and architects.

Here are five reasons for to consider Garapa for your next decking project:

1. Budget Friendly
Homeowners love natural hardwoods, but Ipe or Mahogony are not always within in budget. Garapa is provides a high-end look and durable alternative, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Natural Beauty
Garapa is known for its rich golden color, similar in appearance to teak, and much lighter than other exotic hardwoods. Iron Woods Garapa Gold™ only uses 100% Clear All-Heart Garapa, without any of the unsightly knots or sap wood streaks. The unique coloration combined with attractive grain patterns and texture make Garapa one of a kind. The blonde and honey hues create a natural and elegant addition to any deck.

3. Long-Lasting Durability
One of the biggest benefits of Garapa is its long-lasting durability. You will not need to worry about rot and decay because its high density tight grain pattern make it naturally resistant to both. Garapa is also scratch-resistant which makes it a top choice for outdoor living spaces.

4. Improved Safety
Garapa’s strength and durability and help reduce hazards too. Due to its high-density, splintering and rot are less common. Garapa wood is also known for being fire-resistant with a rating in the same category as steel, brick, and cement. Enjoy going barefoot and grilling with less-worry. As with any deck, you should regularly check it for damage and remember that it is not maintenance-free.

5. Low Maintenance
While no deck is maintenance-free, homeowners love Garapa because it is low maintenance. They can spend more time to enjoy their new outdoor living space, and less time maintaining it. If left untreated, Garapa will slightly darken upon UV exposure and eventually turn to a silvery gray, similar to weathered Ipe. Regular cleaning and annually refinishing with exotic hardwood oil is recommended to maintain its natural color.

Iron Woods® Garapa Decking is a top choice among homeowners and builders for its durability, beauty, and affordability. To get started with your next decking project or for more information on Garapa, contact your Shepley Sales Team.

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