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No Overhang? No Problem!

No overhang? No problem! Rouge Valley Door offers a solution for you when you upgrade to a Rogue Premium Plus high performance wood door. With their combination of superior materials, state-of-the-art construction, and unmatched craftsmanship, Rogue Premium Plus doors are setting new standards in durability and long-term beauty. Unlike other manufactures, Rogue Premium Plus doors do not require an overhang for their warranty, making their 5-Year No Overhang Guarantee an industry leading warranty.

Rogue Premium Plus doors are extremely weather-resistant and built for tough conditions. Wet, cold, and windy conditions are no stranger to New Englanders. These high performance doors give you the option to have a reliable wood exterior door that can stand up to Mother Nature. Premium Plus solid wood doors are made from two pieces of laminated lumber for superior strength and resistance to inevitable wear and tear.

A solid wood & lag bolt construction make Premium Plus doors Rogue Valley’s most durable product. Doors are assembled with their standard 5/8” x 5” hardwood dowel pins. The top and bottom rail joints are secured with a 3/8” x 6” steel lag bolt and additional glue is applied for added strength and protection.

Rogue Premium Plus doors are available in three specie options with no overhang requirements. Pine, Fir, or Primed are offered to match any home design and style. With no overhang requirements, you have the flexibility to install their exterior doors in exposed entries. When you upgrade to a Rogue Premium Plus Door you can have peace of mind that your door will perform well year after year.

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Derek Partridge has been with Shepley for 9 years and works in sales covering Nantucket, Upper Cape, and off-Cape.
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