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A Collaboration to Support Frontline Workers

KAM Appliances, in collaboration with E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc. and Shepley Wood Products, have come together to show their support for front-line workers in our community. With so many people tirelessly working through this pandemic, the three business wanted to do something special to say thank you and show appreciation for their efforts.

KAM Appliances decided to utilize their Executive Chef, Brandi Felt Castellano, along with partners like Shepley Wood Products and E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc., to start a meal train and show their gratitude for the workers who are keeping our community running during this difficult time. The idea for a meal train came from one of KAM Appliance’s owner, Kevin Gralton. “It takes everyone to do their share, and we can do this,” says Kevin, “You never stop helping.”

“KAM has always been very involved in the community and we love being able to be a part of all the great things that are going on”, explains KAM Marketing Manager, Sarah Richardson. “When we heard about the meal train that was set up to support the nurses we couldn’t wait to contribute and show our gratitude. From there the idea grew and we wanted to show gratitude to our fellow retail workers at Shaw’s.”

When KAM approached E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc. and Shepley Wood Products, they were happy to jump in and help support the meal train. On Thursday, April 30th, KAM and E.J Jaxtimer Builder, Inc. donated 50 meals to Cape Cod Hospital. An additional 75 meals were donated by KAM and Shepley Wood Products to Shaw’s Supermarket at the Festival Plaza in Hyannis on Thursday, May 7th.

“It’s up to us to look at the bigger picture, think of others who really need our help,” says Tony Shepley of Shepley Wood Products. “The extra effort that is going on in all of our companies, yours and ours, right now is humbling and welcome, let’s keep paying it forward!”