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Andersen Is No Longer One-Size-Fits-All!

Spring Is Here, Color Is Everywhere, And New Growth All Around

by, Bill Holzman

Andersen is no longer one-size or one-color fits all. It was all so easy once when you had White or Terratone, with grille or without, screen or no screen. Just take a look at the options for interior colors that Andersen came out with this year. You can now get the same ten exterior colors, in A-Series, on the interior of your windows. This is not only a great look but a great savings from Andersen because there’s no need to paint. Let’s not forget that you can get a two tone color on your windows now – like a white frame with a black sash. Just when you thought you had seen it all Andersen has 10’ door heights and widths as wide as 60’ – these are doors on steroids! And you can get panels up to 5’ wide. There is also a new Fiberglass mulling system that will allow us to take 3 smaller groups into 1 larger combination. Please remember that your Shepley Andersen sales person can still make this easy, because we specialize in windows and doors.

400’s & 200 ‘s Series News

BLACK is the new black!

  • Now available from Andersen, the option of black exterior on all Andersen 400 series windows and 200 Series gliding patio doors.
  • 400 Series products have glass options that are Energy Star certified.

A-Series News

  • Interior wood species include: Douglas Fir; Cherry; Mahogany
  • 10 New interior Colors selections include: Sandtone; Terratone; Canvas; Forest Green; Prairie Grass; Dove Gray; Dark Bronze; Coca Bean; Red Rock; Black
  • Color matched jamb liner filler is standard to the unit – (liners will match the exterior color)
  • Triple pane glass
  • SmartSun—out of the box U factor .27

E- Series News:

  • Choose from 50 exterior colors at no additional charge – custom colors available
  • Hardware match: Gliding Patio doors, Hinge doors, Casement and Awnings will match A-Series and 400 Series hardware later in the year (Q-4)

From The Growing Season: Spring

A-Series doors -XL sized doors available for rough openings up to 10’ tall

Andersen Folding doors

  • Up to 13’ 5” tall 60’ wide
  • Panels up to 5’wide – Fewer bigger panels

A-Series larger Casement and Awning sizes

  • Casement sizes 4’ wide x 8’ high
  • Awning increase height by 1’

New Fiberglass Mulling System

  • Available in longer lengths – Larger mulling in width and height
  • Complete Factory assembled combinations and ready to install field mulls

Bill Holzman has over 20 years of experience in the building supply industry. You can meet Bill at the Shepley Showcase, where you can view all of our window lines under one roof.Come in and meet our product experts who will show you the window options that are available to suit your needs.

Our team of product specialists: Bill Holzman, Tammy Bearse-Santos, Craig Fischer, Joe Murphy, Jeff Senecal, John Byrne, Edward Haskell, Brian Brady, Mike Holmstrom, Skip Weeks and Marcey Jerome.

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