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Andersen Easy Connect Joining System

Andersen has once again beat code to the punch by creating their new easy connect joining system. This system is tested to AAMA 450, Hallmark certified for air, water and structural performance, and High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved. This system allows for a larger combination of windows, and each mull is now certified. It recently won the Best of IBS Award for Best in Show and Best Window and Door product. The easy connect system uses inter-locking fiberglass plates which makes installation easier and does not affect thermal performance.

Easy connect makes it easier and safer when installing large combinations of windows.

Andersen offers 3 solutions to allow for any combination of windows.

Option 1: Fully joined combinations – These can be factory joined allowing combinations up to 12’ x 8’ from the factory.

Option 2: Kits – If you have a larger combinations these kits can be ordered to join the units on site. When using this system there is no need to disassemble your unit prior to joining. The kit includes all of the joining pieces to create your window combination.

Option 3: Sub-assembly systems – Smaller mulls groups can be ordered with the easy connect system pre-installed from the factory. The units can then be joined in the opening. This allows for lighter and easier to handle units but still creating the large window combination of your customer’s vision.

The easy connect system not only answers to the new code requirement for certified mulls it will make your job site safer. Andersen Windows and Doors is ever evolving to bring us solutions for all of our needs.