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Andersen Verilock

Andersen is pleased to announce the introduction of a self-monitoring option for use with E-Series windows and doors with VeriLock® sensors. With the smart home market growing, Andersen’s VeriLock integrated security sensors are essential tools to help provide peace of mind in a home’s safety and security, as windows and doors are a home’s first line of defense. With these exclusive sensors, homeowners will always know if their windows or doors are open or closed as well as, locked or unlocked,* which maximizes energy efficiency and is a great competitive advantage that no other sensors can provide.

Now homeowners have two monitoring options: Professional monitoring or Self-monitoring. Self-monitoring is available through Nexia, Andersen’s home-automation ally. Self-monitoring of E-Series windows and doors is an easy choice, as it’s free to homeowners and professional monitoring can be added later if desired. With self-monitoring, VeriLock sensors allow you to easily monitor your windows and doors with a smartphone or tablet via a compatible app in real time. Self-monitoring requires a VeriLockTM translator and Nexia® bridge which should be specified by your Shepley representative for each unit with VeriLock.

What you missed if you didn’t’ attend our 2015 Andersen Dinners

Brian Harding, Andersen Corporation, began with an Energy Code Overview with a specific emphasis on the Massachusetts Energy Code and US Energy Star. Key points were the adoption of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code which calls for an increased U-Factor or measurement of heat transmission through a window/door. Brian explained that going forward builders will have to purchase more energy efficient windows or involve a Certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater to implement ‘trade-offs’ of other building components to comply with energy codes. Brian also explained that coming in January of 2016 US Energy Star will be adopting a U-Factor of 0.27. In order to comply with this criteria the window and door industry will have to implement new glass and frame technologies. Shepley will keep you informed of industry progress.

Brian Harding then reviewed additions and changes to Andersen Windows and Doors’ product catalog for 2015. Highlights include 400 Series Windows with a new Black Exterior Color, Triple Pane and Coated Glass to comply with new Energy Codes discussed earlier, self-monitoring ‘Verilock’ Security Systems for their A-Series and E-Series lines and finally their ‘Big Doors’ category including Weiland and Andersen Lift and Slides and Bi-Folding doors that can extend 48 feet and more! Finally, he showed a short video that presented the amount of testing that goes into certifying a window as ‘Impact Rated’ for coastal applications and how using the manufacturers installation instructions is essential to allow the window to perform to its testing performance.

If you missed out on these information sessions, please contact your Shepley Andersen Product Specialist for more information, or visit the Shepley Showcase at 75 Ben Franklin Way in Hyannis.