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Andersen VeriLock® Security Sensors

VeriLock sensors can tell a homeowner if a window or patio door is open & closed, but also if it’s locked or unlocked*. No other sensors can do that. Now available on

A-Series & 400 Series windows, A-Series & 400 Series hinged and gliding patio doors and 200 Series gliding patio doors in addition to E-Series windows and patio doors, VeriLock sensors can be added onto new windows and patio doors and also existing windows and patio doors as an after-market add on.

Learn more about Andersen’s Smart Home product, VeriLock® Security sensors at: Or visit the pros at Shepley.

Professional Builder just named VeriLock® security sensors a Top 3 winner in the “Best of PCBC: 2016 Parade of Products”. There were twenty products named and three featured in the magazine and the #1 featured product was VeriLock® Security sensors.

*When properly configured and maintained with a professionally installed security system and/or self-monitoring system compatible with Honeywell® 5800 controls.

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