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Atlantis Rail Systems

Shepley is excited to offer custom fit Atlantis Rail Systems. The Atlantis RailEasyTM cable system is an attractive, affordable, low maintenance stainless steel railing infill option for indoor and outdoor applications. The fittings are made from marine grade, type 316, corrosion resistant stainless steel and fit a 5/32 diameter stainless steel cable.

The RailEasy Tensioner features mechanical swaging capabilities that allow installers to cut cable on site, removing the hassle of pre-measuring and the cost of miscalculating dimensions. The cable is attached quickly and easily with simple hand tools. The slotted base design allows each tensioner to accommodate angels to 45 degrees up, down, or side to side, making it perfect for stair applications.

Atlantis offers several options for rail type, and also several lighting options. Building codes can vary from town to town, so check with your local building official about requirements for illumination and rail installations.

Shepley stocks most of the Atlantis line and we’ll soon have a display on the deck in front of the sales office in Hyannis. We can price Atlantis rail from your plans or do a sight take off. They offer a very detailed catalog. Please ask your Shepley salesperson for assistance or go to

Enjoy a revolutionary approach to conventional railing systems! Use Atlantis for unobstructed views and long lasting quality.