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AZEK Recycling Program

Azek and Shepley are proud to announce an on-site recycling program for contractors and their homeowners during the construction process.

Although many consumers and builders are enthusiastic about the durability and paint holding qualities of cellular PVC trim boards and moldings, one concern has always been the lack of proper disposal for scraps and cuts-offs. Anything as long lasting as PVC does not belong in a landfill. This recycling program being rolled out by AZEK provides a real solution to PVC disposal concerns.

Shepley delivers a collapsible bin to your site. It has flip up sides, and can be easily set up to make a container for any PVC waste. When it is full, we pick it up and returns the waste to Azek’s manufacturing plant. Your jobsite stays cleaner, your dumpster expenses are cut down, and your business promotes recycling and environmental consciousness.

Kudos to AZEK for taking the lead in bringing this program to fruition. PVC recycling is now a reality that you and your clients may enjoy the benefits of. Signage on the container will broadcast the message of your recycling efforts and you will feel better for helping the planet.

Please talk to your Shepley sales staff about a container for your job.