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AZEK Shingle Siding

Are you looking for an alternative to cedar siding without compromising the timeless beauty? AZEK now offers a new premium siding solution designed to reduce the installation frustrations of traditional siding materials while providing longer-lasting durability.

Made from a state-of-the-art proprietary engineered polymer, AZEK® Shingle matches the attractive texture of cedar shingles while adding the performance and low-maintenance benefits of rot-proof PVC building materials. Leveraging innovative new PaintPro Technology, AZEK Shingle offers a rapid dry time, superior paint adhesion, and a painted finish that lasts without needing touch-ups or frequent maintenance. Delivering classic beauty with superior durability has never been so effortless.

Constant exposure to rain, coastal winds and water pooling at the ground can lead to frequent re-painting or mold growth for wood, fiber cement and other porous siding materials. AZEK siding is made from state-of-the-art proprietary engineered polymer that does not absorb water like porous materials and is completely rot-resistant inside and out.

Two Classic Styles
Straight Edge Shingle
  • Consistency with a dash of variety.
  • Uniform horizontal lines with varied width tabs
  • Keyways for the most natural-looking shingle to beautifully complement modern or classic exterior architecture.
Staggered Edge Shingle
  • Patterns with individual character, dimension, and diversity.
  • Each random edge panel enhances the overall pattern for an amazing exterior picture.
  • Beautiful variety in both vertical and horizontal lines.
Straight edge shingle focused version

Straight Edge Shingle

Staggered edge shingle focused version 2

Staggered Edge Shingle

Installation Benefits
  • No special tools required.
  • Engineered polymer is lightweight and durable
  • Flexible, durable material helps prevent on-site breakage
  • No need to seal cut edges and scrapes for water protection
  • Route and cut without splitting
  • Uniform finish; no surface irregularities to work around
Performance Benefits
  • Less Risk - Fewer Callbacks
  • Less Hassle - Low Maintenance Performance
  • Less Limitation - Design Flexibility
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Will not rot, split, splinter, peel, warp, or swell from moisture
  • Maintains beautiful finish even through harsh weather
  • Insect-resistant; unappetizing to destructive pest

azek siding benefits
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The AZEK Difference: Long-Lasting Performance

Building with AZEK products provide better long-term value, more reliable durability and lasting beauty with a lifetime guarantee that other materials can’t match.

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