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‘Big Doors’ from Andersen

Andersen Windows and Doors has always been a market leader in innovation and design. So to respond to the growing architectural trend of increased glass sizes and larger openings Andersen has developed a separate division focused exclusively on ‘Big Doors’. The growth in the big door market has been driven by the desire to create spaces that embrace an indoor-outdoor living design as well as expand livable space and views. As part of the Andersen Architectural Collection, ‘Big Doors’ come in a variety of styles and price points to satisfy your clients’ tastes and budgets. Shepley Andersen has just added a 6’ wide and 10’ tall exterior pocket LiftSlide to our showroom and will be installing an 8’ x 8’ Architectural Bifold this summer with more to come.

Andersen offers videos and pictures at their ‘Big Door’ website: https://www.andersenwindows.com/windows-and-doors/doors/big-doors/ where they invite you to ‘Watch what happens when moveable walls of glass maximize light, vision and an indoor-outdoor lifestyle in homes of all price ranges’. Please ask your Shepley Showcase salesperson for more information on these ‘Big Doors’ from Andersen.

Liftslide Door by Andersen Weiland
This is the premier moving glass wall door with precision engineering, effortless operation and near limitless design potential. Door Systems can range up to 60’ wide and 16’ tall!

Multiglide Door by Andersen
Engineered for smooth and easy operation with contemporary or traditional design. Openings can run up to 25’ wide and 10’ tall with sliding glass panels up to 60’ wide.

Architectural Outswing Folding Door
When open, these panels fold to be virtually out of sight. When closed they create an architecturally impressive ‘wall of light’. Sizes can range up to 48’ wide and 10’ tall and they can open from the left, right and center.

A Series Patio Doors by Andersen
Now the carefully designed architectural style patio doors that Andersen has been famous for are available in 10’ heights.

Please visit the Shepley Showcase for more information on how ‘Big Doors’ can create a big impression on your next job.

Joe Murphy manages the Shepley Showcase, our dedicated Window and Door Showroom. Direct: 508-862-6228 or jmurphy@shepleywood.com