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Cape Cod Building Permit & Inspection Overview – COVID-19

A Message from the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod

Municipal Building Departments on Cape Cod
Information on Permits and Inspections by town

In light of current events, there are many municipalities closing buildings to the public and adjusting services they provide. Below is a list of how each Building Department is currently operating to issue permits and scheduling inspections. Please know, this information was of Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and is subject to change. For your convenience, we have included the phone number and website for each Building Department – be sure to call them for the latest information. HB&RACC is closely monitoring the situation and will communicate updates as we receive them. We may need your help if municipalities discontinue these critical services to the Industry.

Barnstable: 508-862-4038 Building Permits still being issued – Still scheduling Inspections. Click for Barnstable Details
Bourne: 508-759-0600 ext 1335 Building Permits still issued – Stillscheduling Inspections Click for Bourne Details
Brewster: 508-896-3701 ext 1125 Still issuing building permits – download from website and mail them in. Still scheduling inspections for now may go to a case by case basis. Click for Brewster Details
Chatham: 508-945-5160 Permits on pause. Not issuing permits due to logistics with drop box. Inspections vary on circumstance and on case by case basis. Click for Chatham Details
Dennis: 508-760-6163 – Online permits will be issued and a drop box will be available for physical applications. Inspections will be acted on virtually through affidavits and photos. Physical building inspections may take place for uninhabited buildings. Septic permit applications will be accepted by mail. Click for Dennis
Eastham: 774-801-3231 – Permits are being issued and inspections are being scheduled. Click for Eastham
Falmouth: 508-495-7470 Building Permits being issued and Building Inspections are being scheduled for unoccupied homes only. Click for Falmouth
Harwich: 508-430-7506 – Building Permits accepted via mail with a check for the application and plans, with a self-stamped return envelope. Case by case for outdoor inspections. Case by case for inspecting unoccupied buildings. Click for Harwich Details
Mashpee: 508-539-1400 ext 8556 Building Permits online only. Building Inspections for uninhabited homes and outdoor inspections only. Click for Mashpee Details
Orleans: 508-240-3700 ext 2455 – Permits will still be issued for now by email and mail. Building Inspections still being scheduled, but affidavits and photos for inspections are required. Expect delays. Click for Orleans Details
Provincetown: 508-487-7020 Still issuing Building Permits. Still scheduling Inspections. Click for Provincetown Details
Sandwich: 508-888-4200 Online building permits only. Still scheduling inspections at this time. Click for Sandwich Details
Truro: 508-214-0923 Building Permits are still being issued. Include note for approximate start time, as projects may be prioritized by timing of project. Submit permits by mail through drop box. Still scheduling inspections for now on a case by case basis.Click for Truro Details
Wellfleet: 508-349-0309 Still issuing Building Permits and scheduling Inspections for now. Click for Wellfleet Details
Yarmouth: 508-398-2231 ext 1260 Still issuing Building Permits online – Scheduling inspections for unoccupied buildings only. Click for Yarmouth Details