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CertainTeed Cedar Impressions

The construction industry on Cape Cod and Nantucket has developed an affinity for the classic look of weathered cedar shingles. This distinctive style elicits the charm of a seaport community and continues to maintain its popularity with our customers. When you first heard about Cedar Impressions® polymer shingles from CertainTeed® , many are skeptical that they could imitate the look of ‘real’ cedar in a way that appeals to salty New Englanders. After seeing it installed in our Hyannis location, you will be convinced that this is a great alternative to red or white cedar shingles!

The molded textures and patterns replicate the effects of saw blades – so they look great! Cedar Impressions are individual 5” sawmill shingles, with 7 widths in each box, ranging from 4” to 8”, allowing for random installation and one-of-a-kind designs. They are easy to install and corner boards and window trim don’t need to rabbitted. They are currently available in 4 colors with a progression of 3 shades in each color family. You can choose if you want to go with all light, all medium, all dark, or a balanced mix. CertainTeed has a great online tool allowing you to see how the various mixes will look on a home. And you can visit our Hyannis sales office to see the light Natural Blend, installed, and sample boards of the other colors. Shepley is stocking the Driftwood, Natural and Cedar blends.

Cedar Impressions give you maximum character with minimum care. Real wood requires painting, staining or bleaching to prevent discoloration. And over time the effects of weather cause wood to split, warp, and rot. Cedar Impressions are engineered to retain their like-new appearance with very little maintenance, therefore reducing the long-term costs. And they come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are pest free and environmentally friendly because there are no harsh chemicals required, like those used to treat wood against insects or to repel water. And they are 100% recyclable.

Ask your Shepley Sales Team for more information on Cedar Impressions 5” sawmill shingles from CertainTeed!