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Combatting Moisture on Cape Cod

Here on Cape Cod, we combat the effects of moisture every day. In the engineered wood world, protection comes from the sealer that manufacturers use to coat their products. Our Boise LVL has a heavy duty paraffin based coating, designed to minimize water infiltration on all six sides. However, once an end is cut, it is exposed to the elements, and here on Cape Cod that means water. To prevent this, it is good practice to seal exposed ends.

While there are no hard and fast rules, exposed cut LVL ends can be treated on-site with just about any high quality paint. Exposed ends of LVL can be sealed with anything from high quality water based paint to spray paint. If a beam is going to be exposed to the elements for a long period of time, a wax emulsion type product, like Anchor Seal, works best. You can use a roller or brush to apply Anchor Seal or any of the other wax petroleum based coatings. For water based coatings, Rubbermaid’s Paint Buddy applicator is an inexpensive, convenient, and easy to use tool. The next time you’re at Shepley, pick up a Paint Buddy to keep paint handy on-site and to save time end-sealing.

Joe Madera has been with Shepley for over 30 years as the Engineered Wood Products Specialist. Joe works with Bill Campbell. Together, Joe and Bill help to coordinate engineered wood designs, value engineering, structural steel, and trusses between designers and builders to help you through your most challenging projects. You can reach Joe and Bill at 508-862-6217.