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Diamond Pier

Shepley is excited announce that we are bringing into inventory a new product called “Diamond Pier”, which is a time-saving and low environmental impact substitute for deck footings. Diamond Piers are pre-engineered foundation systems. They have been used successfully and repeatedly over the last two decades by Federal, State and Municipal clients across the US, and they provide significant compression, uplift and lateral load capacity. Diamond Pier has won green building recognition for being at the forefront of low impact design and innovation. Using the Diamond Pier to support buildings eliminates the need for excavation, which dramatically reduces concrete use, saves fuel and topsoil, and preserves natural drainage. Installation is simple. The precast concrete head is installed at the ground surface, and steel bearing pins are driven through the head and into the ground using simple hand-held tools. This is the best way to install a reliable and durable foundation that will last the lifetime of your structure.

Shepley will be stocking the DP75-4.2 (which meets the criteria of the majority of our applications on Cape Cod). We brought this product in at the request of a few of our customers, who are already using it in some areas of the Cape. But please remember, it is ultimately up to the builder to get approval from the local building official prior to use!