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Diamond Pier

After a tough winter on the Cape people are eager to work outside and are planning future improvement projects. One of those projects many customers are looking at is outside living spaces, which include decks and covered porches. Shepley would like to introduce you to an exciting new product on the market called Diamond Pier. Diamond Pier is a foundation system with pin pile technology that eliminates the need for conventional concrete piers. The Diamond Pier system requires very little digging and no mixing of concrete. Just lay out your deck like you normally would to determine the placement of the footings, set the Diamond Pier heads, and drive the pins into the ground using a demo hammer with a special bit. These piers are inspected by putting a tape measure down the inside of the pins to measure the length.

Just imagine not having to dig footings 4’ into the ground, not having to mix and pour concrete, and not having to wait for someone to inspect the open holes before you pour the concrete! You can set the Diamond Piers in minutes and start framing the same day.

Two other benefits to this system are the low environmental impact to the property and the ability to remove and reinstall the footing if needed. Shepley is currently stocking the DP-75 which works for most decks and porches. We are also renting the demo hammer and bit needed to install the system (at a reduced rate for our customers). The Diamond Pier system covers their product with a Lifetime Warranty as long as the piers are installed according to their specifications.

As always Shepley recommends checking with the local building department prior to using any foundation system. Please do not hesitate to give me, or anyone at Shepley, a call if you have any questions or need help with any of your projects.

Jason Clifford has over 28 years of industry experience including building and project management. He joined Shepley in 2012 and manages the Front Sales Team in Hyannis. You can reach Jason at 508-862-6200.