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Don’t Judge a House by Its Cover

As your customer drives around looking at roofs that you provided as references, keep in mind they cannot see the most important part of the roof. Your customer cannot see how the roof was installed or what components you used as part of the roof system. How were the shingles nailed? What kind of ice and water was used? What kind of underlayment was used? Is there enough ventilation? These are just a few things that can dramatically affect the performance of a roof.

Here at Shepley, we believe it is important to sell the whole system, not just a cover. That is why we have partnered with CertainTeed and have made a commitment to stocking a complete line of CertainTeed Roofing products. This allows you to sell a complete roof system to your customer, stand behind the performance it provides, and reduce call backs.

Finally, CertainTeed has many options of certification for you to choose from that will ultimately let your customers know that you are a preferred roofing contractor. Depending on your level of certification, when you offer a complete roof system from CertainTeed, you will have the opportunity to offer your customer an upgraded roof warranty. Please visit CertainTeed’s website for more information or, as always, you can contact your Shepley sales team for help.