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Edmond W. “Ed” Dery, Jr.

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of a true pillar of our industry, Edmond W. “Ed” Dery, Jr. who went aloft on October 10th at the age of 96. Ed was the long time sales manager at John Hinckley and Sons in Hyannis and was everyone’s go-to authority on millwork and architectural form and history. After Ed retired from Hinckley’s, he went to work in a second career for Hyannis-based builder EJ Jaxtimer doing estimating. We were happy not to lose touch with him and Ed had a mind that always wanted to be kept busy, so his second career was a win/win for all of us. Having known him as a competitor for many years, we now got to enjoy him as a client and a friend. No session in our training room in Hyannis would have been complete without Ed and his pointed questions for the presenter. Despite his experience and knowledge, Ed was a regular attendee at any kind of training we put on. He was old school, proud of his craft, and certainly not one to settle for work half done or to suffer fools gladly. We enjoyed his company and his generosity with what he knew. You can say about some people that they may have forgotten more than we know, but Ed seemed to retain it all up to a very advanced age. Keep an eye out for him at the pearly gates. He’ll be ready with a question on how they were built!