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Emtek Hardware Upgrades

Did you know that with Emtek door hardware, you have multiple upgrade choices. Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life with products that are a cut above in terms of craftsmanship and design.

For just approximately $5.00 added per set, you can have can the ease of a 28 degree turn (recommend on levers). A 28 degree latch requires less rotation on the handle to disengage the latch mechanism. This feature is extremely useful for people with ergonomic concerns, like users who suffer from arthritis. There is also an upgrade (approx.. $40-$45.00 add-on) for those who do not want to see the exposed mounting screws. The Concealed Fastener (CF) Mechanism provides a clean look with no visible screws on the interior rosette. The CF is engineered with a return spring mechanism in a special housing—eliminating sagging handles and improving responsiveness. All CF Mechanism lever upgrades include a 28 degree latch, which requires less
rotation to disengage the latch and open a door when compared to standard latches.

So on your next Emtek specified project, you can also be the expert and offer these upgrades to your customers.

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