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February is National Heart Month

Global employee health is important at all times. However, with the CDC reporting that heart conditions are responsible for one death every 36 seconds in the US, National Heart Month (or American Heart Month) is an event not to be missed!

There are several risk factors when it comes to heart health. These include:

· Diabetes
· Being overweight or obese
· An unhealthy diet
· Physical inactivity
· Excessive alcohol or drug use

Please be reminded of these common workplace safety procedures that are related to heart health

Use care when lifting to avoid stressing the heart. Lift with your legs and avoid straining. Dollies, hand trucks, and other tools can help make lifting easier; consider asking others to help lift items that are very heavy.

Know your own heart health and consider that when taking action at work. Get an annual physical and follow up on any concerns raised by your doctor. If you’re prescribed medication, take it according to your doctor’s directions. Get enough exercise and sleep. Eat a balanced diet.

Be aware of potential respiratory hazards in your workplace and how to eliminate or minimize them. If you’re not sure what these could be, ask.

Continue your own safety education to improve your knowledge about heart health and the potential heart hazards in your workplace so that you can make the best possible decisions every day.