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OSHA Reportable Documentation Requirements

Any workplace injury or illness that results in loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job. Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.

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Winter Weather Safety

Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. Inclement weather greatly increases the chance for one of these incidents. According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls incidents cause 15% of all accidental deaths.

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Covid-19/Flu Season Safety

Things you can do to prevent one or all of these illnesses Follow CDC guidelines a maskWash your handsMaintain social distancingDo not go to work if you feel illRestrict...

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Most Violated Construction Standards

Thorough hazard assessments for your worksites are critical to assure continued protection of staff and to avoid OSHA fines. Construction standards most violated Guarding open-sided floors, platforms and runwaysHousekeepingStairway...

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Cold Stress

It is that time of year again, weather can often be unpredictable and extreme. Freezing temperatures can create serious health problems, collectively called cold stress. Cold Stress Factors Freezing or near-freezing weatherStrong...

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Electrical Strip Safety

There were several fires caused by plug strip on Cape Cod this year, two with fatal injuries. A power strip combines several sockets attached to the end of a flexible cable, allowing multiple devices to be plugged in. The biggest safety...