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Firebreak HITS I-Joists

Boise Cascade has introduced the FIREBREAK HITS system to meet the 2012 IRC, Section 501-3 requirement that I-joist floor systems in unfinished habitable spaces of basements meet the 15-1/2 minute fire performance of 2×10 dimensional lumber.

FIREBREAKTM HITS HIGH INTUMESCENT THERMAL SHIELD OVER CERAMIC FIBERBOARD:FIREBREAKS’ High Intumescent Thermal Shield reacts to heat by automatically activating and expanding into a strong, thick heat shield. The ceramic fiberboard layer, protected by the thermal shield, guards the AJS® joist web in high heat conditions.

PASSED THE 151⁄2 MINUTE FIRE TEST:FireBreakTM HITS has passed the E119, 151⁄2 minute fire test as required to establish equivalency to dimension lumber joists.

CONSTRUCTION-FRIENDLY:No specific top and bottom orientation to help assure correct framing every time. Web holes may be cut the same as with non-protected joists. Non-corrosive to fasteners. Has met stringent durability standards required by the building code. Does not interfere with joist hanger installation.

Joe Madera has been with Shepley for more than 28 years as the Engineered Wood Products Specialist. Joe works with Bill Campbell, who specializes in structural steel. Together, Joe and Bill help to coordinate structural layouts between designers and builders. They will provide plan details for approval and help you through your most challenging projects. You can reach Joe and Bill at 508-862-6217.