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Get Started with ShepPay

It’s not often that there is exciting news in the world of finance but we are thrilled to announce that our new online billing & payment site for charge customers, ShepPay, is up & running! Thank you for your support as we continue to make this transition. Remember that your account settings for statement delivery (electronically or by mail) have remained the same.

We know you’ll be happy with our new & improved statement layout. All the things you loved about it will remain the same, including the invoice break down by job. Now it is even easier to see your total balance due and the due date.

Customers who have already logged in to ShepPay and made payments are raving about how easy the site is to use, how excited they are to have anytime access to invoices and account balance, plus the convenience of making online payments. See what they are talking about – click here to log in if you haven’t yet!

Below are answers to some common questions to help get started with ShepPay.

ShepPay FAQs

If you received paper statements before, you’ll receive a paper statement for January and each month going forward until you request to receive them by email. If you received emailed invoices or statements, they will continue to be emailed and will come from To have your invoices & statements sent to multiple email addresses, please create a separate ShepPay account and login for each email address. If you aren’t receiving your emailed invoices or statements as expected please contact us and we are happy to help get your accounts setup.

If you received an email with enrollment information, follow the instructions with your username and temporary password before February 1st. If you receive paper statements & invoices you’ll see the enrollment token on the bottom right and your account customer ID on the top right of your January statement. You will use these two identifiers to log in for the first time at this site Please note that this enrollment token will not work if you already received an enrollment e-mail.

Yes, our finance team will continue accepting check payments like we always have done. Your mailed statement will continue to include a return envelope for your convenience.

Yes, you can make online payments with ShepPay and continue to receive your statements by mail.

Online payments made before 3PM on weekdays will be posted the same day. Online payments made after 3PM on weekdays will be posted the next day. Payments made on Saturday or Sunday will be posted on Monday. You can also schedule the payment to be processed at a future date. Payments mailed to Shepley will be reflected in ShepPay by 8PM on the day they are posted.

If you have any other questions about ShepPay or the new statements please contact me or anyone on our finance team. We are here to help you log in and start using ShepPay.

Want to learn a more about ShepPay? Visit our YouTube channel to watch our ShepPay video. We will be sharing more ShepPay videos and training resources on our website and YouTube channel soon.