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Heat Illness

Heat rash is mild discomfort and can be treated by changing clothes and using powder or medicated cream. Heat cramps are in muscle groups such as legs, back and in the abdomen. Treat cramps by putting electrolytes back into your body with sports drinks or even eating snacks like pretzels or potato chips. Heat exhaustion is serious with signs like profuse sweating, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, intense headaches, and even ringing in the ears. Treatment should be immediate and includes drinking plenty of water and resting in shade or air conditioning. Heat stroke is severe and could result in death. Signs and symptoms include excessive body temperature (over 104 degrees), increasing disorientation, red patchy and dry skin (not sweating) and even altered behavior. Medical treatment should be called for immediately. Until treatment arrives, cool the victim in air conditioning, shade, and remove or wet the clothing.

Ways to avoid heat illnesses include avoid drinking caffeine in the morning and alcohol the night before. Get plenty of sleep and eat well. Take breaks and drink plenty of water during the day. Remember it takes about two weeks to get used to working in a hot environment.

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