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Hip To be Square

Oak Point 9200 Modern Square Notch Handrail

In the era or modern styles, handrail profiles trend on having a square look. However, code restrictions can damper your selections. For instance, the popular 6000 profile, which is basically a 2×4, measures 1-9/16” x 2-3/4”. This handrail does not meet code for graspability on a flight of stairs. Type II handrails with a perimeter greater than 6-1/4” must have a graspable finger recess on both sides of the profile.

Enter the 9200 square notch handrail from Oak Point. This modern handrail meets all code requirements and maintains a sleek modern look.

The 5/16” x 1” graspable area is comfortable and allows a solid grip while going up or down the flight of stair. This handrail is available in a variety of species from paint grade poplar, white oak, mahogany, hickory, etc. Lengths are standard up to 16’. However lengths up to 20’ can be milled and shipped. Rail fittings including 90 degree quarter turns can also be fabricated.

The 9200 handrail looks great with cable rail systems. If you prefer blusters, the bottom of the rail can be plowed out for wood or metal balusters per specification. Fillet strips would be supplied to be installed in the field between each baluster.

If you are interested in the 9200 profile or any modern stair parts reach out to Shepley Wood Products and the interior trim team to cover all the right angles!