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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. With the introduction of Covid-19 this statement has never been more accurate. As we were all forced to be home we started to look around. We noticed all the little things we needed to fix or wanted to change. Then the phones started to ring. One of the most common calls I received was the need to update the kitchen window. Many of us on Cape Cod have the “standard” 2 wide kitchen casement window and are tired of staring at a post in the middle of our view. Andersen offers many options to change your view. As part of the Showcase staff, we have been introducing customers to the oversized awning. The transition to an awning window allows for ventilation as well as a clear view all year long. The awning option allows you to keep the window open when it is raining as the opening is from the bottom and the rain will shed off.

From sizing, to color, and grille configurations the options are endless when using an awning. Andersen can build an awning in the 400 series up to 4’-0” x 4’-0”. If the dream is to go larger, A-series can build a single operational window as large as 6’-0” x 4’ 0”. If a pop of color is the desire, the E-series allows the customer the ability to choose one of the standard 50 colors for a change of character. This is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade the screen to the Truscene and really take in the now open view.

With the awning design the customer can choose to stay with a traditional colonial pattern, use a popular transom look, or create their own dream. The grille patterns are endless. Andersen offers a wide variety of grille dimensions and designs. When you open your mind to the possibilities you can open the view your customer has always dreamed about. The Shepley-Andersen team are here to help.