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Intex Liberty Extruded Rail System

Building a new deck on your home? Don’t like the look of traditional balusters blocking your view? Look no further than the Liberty Extruded Rail System with tempered glass blade inserts from Intex Millwork. Liberty Rail is a new line of deck rails brought to us by Intex adding to their collection of railing options. Other styles include the affordable Hampton Rail, the mid-range Dartmouth Rail, and the completely customizable milled PVC Nautilus rail to achieve the look of your dreams.

The Liberty Extruded Rail System is made of 100% extruded cellular PVC with a matte finish and includes an aluminum reinforced core. This rail can be painted (LRV>55) but it is not required. Liberty Rail meets International Residential Code (IRC) for spans up to 10’ on level rail and up to 10’ on stair rails. It is available with a 3-1/2” width flat top profile and a 2-3/4” width graspable flat top profile (IRC code compliant.)

Liberty Rail is pre-routed for easy baluster assembly with a patented Racking Stair Section that accommodates 18 degree to 40 degree rake angles. All fasteners are stainless steel and completely hidden from view. With the tempered glass blade insert option, you can make the rail blend right into your surroundings. Unlike other glass railing options, Intex offers the Liberty rail as a complete kit so you or your contractor do not need to go searching for the correct glass from a different supplier—saving you time and money.

Josh Jalbert has been with Shepley for 8 years and works in Outside Sales covering Barnstable, Yarmouth, and Chatham. You can reach Josh at 508-862-6240 .

Please consult with your Shepley sales representative to learn more about the Liberty Rail System and all of the different railing options available from Intex Millwork for your next project.

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