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Is Diamond Pier Worth Considering?

We think Diamond Pier is worth considering!

Mike Donohue presented the attributes of Diamond Pier, pre-engineered foundation systems, to a full house on Thursday, January 16th at the Shepley Showcase. Diamond Pier is a time-saving and low environmental impact substitute for deck footings. They have been used successfully and repeatedly over the last two decades by Federal, State and Municipal clients across the US, and they provide significant compression, uplift and lateral load capacity. Diamond Pier has won green building recognition for being at the forefront of low impact design and innovation. Using the Diamond Pier to support buildings eliminates the need for excavation, which dramatically reduces concrete use, saves fuel and topsoil, and preserves natural drainage. Installation is simple. The precast concrete head is installed at the ground surface, and steel bearing pins are driven through the head and into the ground using simple hand-held tools. This is the best way to install a reliable and durable foundation that will last the lifetime of your structure. In the audience was a customer that used the Diamond Pier system for a project on Martha’s Vineyard. His first hand experience was so positive, he said his days of mixing concrete and filling sono tubes is over! All posts were dead on center, the pins were easy to drive in to place and there was no waiting for concrete to cure. Using Diamond Pier made it possible to frame this deck in one day. The inspector and the conservation society love the Diamond Piers, so does the homeowner as they can easily be covered up with landscaping.

Shepley has a demolition hammer and driver pin available for rent. For more information on this innovative product, talk to your Shepley sales representative!