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Lumber Update – May 2018

It’s taken a long time to get here but, finally, the warmer weather is upon us and it seems to have given an extra boost of energy to an already active market. With many contractors doing all they can to keep up with the amount of work they have in front of them, suppliers are desperately trying to get a scope for how much business is out there and for how long it will last. Despite price increases coming from seemingly every sector, the burgeoning home market is running at a great clip with little regard to escalating prices. However, a reset this time around may be more painful than any in recent years, so there is a cautionary tone to purchasing. Production and transportation issues have been somewhat alleviated, so as long as the mills can command it, prices will remain strong. As of print, it seems that there is enough demand out there (now and in the short term) to keep prices afloat right through this month and well in to June.

Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy”: it’s clearly evident that one can be completely satisfied with something until they have the opportunity to see what else they could have had. We often talk about doing apples-to-apples comparisons on your quotes for the sake of getting the item that you paid for (and that is relatively easy to do), but how do you quantify the benefits that elevate your experience, like services and people? Especially at times when prices for material are escalating, it’s imperative to know where you can cut costs and, being a service-oriented company, this is an area where we can really help you. Our incomparable services and people have the distinct ability to save you money at every stage of your build, and at no additional charge. From our Estimating Department, through all Sales Departments (Engineering, Lumber, Windows, Interior Trim and Hardware) to our Service and Shipping Departments, our collective goal is to provide you with the best product, the best service and at the best price for a thorough job with as little waste as possible. You cannot underestimate the value of experience and, for this deep bench of support that will guarantee to save you time and money on your project, there is no comparison! Cost control is a major aspect of any build: with all of the idiosyncrasies, building regulations, differences in product and expertise in terms of aesthetics that can affect the final outcome of a home, joy is truly knowing that someone had your back in helping to make the results of your hard-work a more profitable one.

There is a lot that is and has been changing our market in recent years, but the way we do business remains the same: we do what we say we’re going to do and will be there to support you all the way through your project. As you go about your increasingly busy days, don’t forget to turn to us to take some of the pressure off: we live for it! If you are not taking advantage of some of the services we can offer you, please be sure to speak with your sales person as they will be happy to get you started. Thank you for your business!