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Lumber Market Report - August 2022

Hear from Purchasing Manager, Paul Rogers, with an update on the lumber market. Steady business and thinning reserves across lumber supply lines halted the falling market and set it back on an upward trajectory, but thankfully only to a small degree.

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Lumber Market Report - July 2022

Hear from Paul Rogers with his thoughts on how the weight of economic uncertainty, escalating fuel prices, increasing borrowing costs, and stock market retraction are effecting the current state of the lumber market.

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Lumber Market Update - June 2022

Despite solid sales and broad optimism that the market would reignite in May, it continued to waffle, with spates of increases across lumber and plywood balanced out by equal reductions. The end result was a market that flat-lined for a stretch.

“If seeing is believing, some skeptics wouldn't look.”

Laurence Peter, Canadian Writer
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Lumber Market Update - May 2022

Demand drove down market prices in April, but it wasn’t due to lack of business. As buying ceased, pricing has retreated and long-awaited improvements to availability & lead times has helped assuage buyer’s concerns about obtaining material…for now.

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Lumber Market Update - April 2022

As we continue to deal with supply interruptions and inflated prices, planning ahead and flexibility are your greatest resources and your Shepley sales team is here to help implement a plan to position you for success on the job.

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Lumber Market Update - March 2022

The market seemed to move with the weather, changing from chaotic to tranquil on a daily basis, leaving little hint of its next direction. Despite volatility, we keep working hard to ensure you have the quality products you need, when you need them.