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Lumber Market Update - April 2021

Unabated demand and inadequate supplies continued to plague the industry in March, further pushing prices in to new historical heights. However, as the month wore on and effects of winter snowstorms dissipated, so did the sense of urgency of dealers.

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Lumber Market Update - March 2021

Recent snowstorms have taken some momentum out of the market, but not enough to make a difference as demand continues to outpace supply. Business is surging on and, as long as it’s humanly possible and no one is anticipating any breaks in the action.

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Lumber Update – February 2021

As with what seems to be the case with just about every business related to building materials, manufacturers are stuck in a loop of trying to catch-up and keep up with an unusually high demand while Covid19-related interruptions prohibit...

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Lumber Update – January 2021

Much to the dismay of everyone but the mills, the lumber market rallied back in December as a surge in business and a dearth of available material and trucks sent buyers back to the well, scrambling to cover both immediate and near-term...

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Lumber Update – December 2020

It’s been a challenging year and the epic rally that spiked lumber pricing to record heights won’t be forgotten any time soon. As with most rallies, they tend to incite exuberant buying so they conclude with ample stock at the retail...

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Lumber Update – November 2020

It’s been a long and grueling haul, but finally the lumber market is retreating. By mid-October, it became clear that the record run up (five months strong and with an unprecedented Random Length Framing Composite of $955) had crested and...