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Lumber Market Report - September 2021

Unlike previous cycles, prices have never reached such stratospheric heights so this “corrective collapse” has been catastrophic to the resellers who have to answer to customers demanding to see immediate price relief, and suppliers need to react.

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Lumber Market Report - August 2021

Coming off of record highs, lumber pricing continued to tumble in July. Although the industry as a whole is still quite busy, sales weren't as vigorous as previous months and it appears that the supply chain is replenishing sooner than anticipated.

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Lumber Market Report - July 2021

By mid-June, buying slowed considerably as lumber prices hit their zenith, marking the beginning of a hard correction to a market that seemingly had no end.

“The world is run by those who show up.”

Robert B Johnson, Engineer
Rough Cut Lumber

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

No one likes inflation & unpredictability. Both put a lot of extra pressure not only on those who are buying, but also on those who are selling. The rise in lumber prices over the past year was not the result of one thing, but the sum of many things.

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Lumber Market Update - June 2021

The market surged ahead to new stratospheric heights in May, leaving mouths agape upon the release of every new price report. A continued strong demand and an inadequate availability of lumber in the marketplace ratcheted prices higher every week.

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Lumber Market Update - May 2021

The record rally continues, with pricing climbing to new heights. Despite the soaring prices, demand continues to outpace supply and shortages in just about every building material category have created an abundance of delays for contractors.