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MA Home Improvement Contractor Registration


Why do I need an HIC Registration?
It’s the law!
Although HIC registration is not a license, it may be required for most residential projects.
If you have a CSL you may still need an HIC!

How long does an HIC Registration last?
2 years. Once you are expired, you are no longer registered and have 30 days to renew your license before you have to re-apply and are put on a non-registered contractor list sent out by the state to communities.
How much does it cost for an HIC Registration?
There is a $100 application fee and a fee based on the number of employees you have.
What do I need to register?
NOTE: You may renew or apply for new registration ONLINE with a credit card.
Proof of business document if applicable. (i.e. DBA Form, LLC Certificate.)
Two separate payments if paying by mail.
HIC application form completed if completed by mail or in person.

For any or more information about the HIC Programs, contact the Massachusetts Consumer Hotline at (617) 973-8787 or visit them at:
You can apply or renew you registration online.