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Most Violated Construction Standards

Thorough hazard assessments for your worksites are critical to assure continued protection of staff and to avoid OSHA fines.

Construction standards most violated

  • Guarding open-sided floors, platforms and runways
  • Housekeeping
  • Stairway railings and guards
  • Fall protection
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Wearing hard hats
  • Guardrails and toe boards on scaffolds
  • Height of ladders above landings
  • Securing portable ladders
  • Grounding of portable and/or plug-connected equipment
  • Use of approved containers for flammable, combustible liquids
  • Guarding temporary lights
  • Guarding or covering floor holes and openings
  • Guarding wall openings
  • Exit from trenches
  • Defective portable ladders
  • Shoring, sloping, sheeting or bracing trenches
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cleat on job-made ladders
  • Requirements for woodworking tools and machinery

NOTE: Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Tool Box Talks. Should any question arise that you cannot answer, don’t hesitate to contact your Employer.