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NanaWall's Generation 4 Bifolding Doors

Introducing NanaWall's latest product, the Generation 4 bifolding doors - Unfolding New Possibilities Inside and Out.

These doors are revolutionizing the industry with their slim panels and sleek design. With the patented TwinX structural reinforcement, they have eliminated mid-level hinges, resulting in smoother and more streamlined surfaces.

The Generation 4 doors feature ultra contemporary panels that can move in stacks of four or six, completely unattached to the side jamb. This gives you the flexibility to stack the panels to the left, right, or center of the opening. Unlike many other products, these doors can swing both to the interior and exterior, providing you with more options for your space.

With only two hinges per panel and four sill options, including a "high heel" resistant feature, these doors offer both style and functionality. Additionally, there are rated sill options available, which is a significant advantage in our Cape Cod environment.

NanaWall has been a leader in the glass wall industry for over 35 years, and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring you a wide selection of options to enhance your Cape Cod view.

Experience the next generation of bifolding doors with NanaWall's Generation 4. Contact your Shepley representative today to learn more and transform your space with these innovative doors!

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