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New and Improved Storm & Screen Door Products

Just in time for the rugged New England winter, Andersen Windows and Doors’ Storm Door Division has announced several new products and product enhancements that will increase the durability, ease of use, and attractiveness of design for your next Storm/Screen Door project.

Smoothcontrol Plus System

The SmoothControl Plus is Andersen’s newest storm door innovation. The built-in system combines pneumatic and hydraulic close technologies for improved strength, advanced two-part operation and enhanced aesthetics.

The Smoothcontrol Plus System is currently available for two of Andersen’s Storm Door products, the 10 Series Fullview Interchangeable (10FV) storm doors and the 10 Series Fullview Retractable Insect Screen (10RS) storm doors.

In addition to these two new offerings Andersen is also enhancing their current 8 Series Retractable Storm Door.

The 8 Series Fullview Retractable Insect Screen (8RS) storm door has been updated to include dual pneumatic closers for added durability. In addition, the 8RS is now available in custom sizing up to 38.5” x 84”.

Modern Handle Set Expansion

Two new handle finishes, Venetian Bronze and Brushed French Gold, are being added to the Modern style handle offering. Both options have a matte brushed finish that complement the Modern handle style. These are currently available in both the 10 Series and 8 Series Fullview and Retractable Screen Storm Door.

Please consult your Shepley Andersen Salesperson for more information and please stop by the Shepley Showcase to see Andersen Windows and Doors on display. Thank you for your business!