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News From VELUX

Velux has done it again with the introduction of the INSTANT LIGHT SHAFT to make the installation of Velux Skylights easier than ever. The INSTANT LIGHT SHAFT, enables the installer to provide a uniform, clean, white, finished PVC interior trim package to complete the skylight installation without having to drywall, spackle, sand or paint. No longer do you need to hire a separate contractor to complete the interior part of skylight installation, Velux now allows the installer to easily put together the kit in 4 easy steps providing a finished, trimmed and painted light shaft, saving time and money. These kits work on all “box” type light shafts (not flared). They are available for all deck mounted skylights, (* EXCEPT D06,D26,and A06 *) they come in pre-cut 16” depth pieces that can be trimmed to actual depth size on site easily, with all other trim pieces Pre-Cut to size for on-site assembly.

When choosing the type of glass for your skylight, consider Velux NEATTM clean, quiet, safe laminated glass. To keep the glass clean Velux uses silicon dioxide which makes the glass exceptionally smooth so water disperses evenly and evaporates quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. This results in cleaner glass with each rain. This glass is used on all laminated glass from Velux, which comes standard on all Velux Solar Skylights, and Roof Windows (GPU,GXU,GDL,and GGU). The quiet comes from the laminated glass, which is a 3 pane construction with a single pane on the outside, and a double pane laminated with polyethylene on the inside, providing a reduction of up to 25% of unwanted outside noise less than standard double pane glass (tempered). The added safety also comes from the laminated glass, as the International Building Code requires that ALL residential skylights that are out of reach, (any part of the skylight reaches 12` height) MUST have laminated glass. As of now, tempered glass is still allowed below that 12` height residentially, though that may change at any time. ALL commercial skylights MUST be laminated at any height.

Also new this year is the Velux Blind Program. Velux now offers single pleated (light filtering) blinds, and room darkening double pleated blinds. Double pleated blackout cloth with an aluminum honeycomb structure improve insulating properties and help reflect solar heat, while also providing a room darkening quality to help keep out unwanted sunlight. Available in basic white and beige in just a few days, other color options available with longer lead times. Blinds are available in both solar powered, and manual. All solar products qualify for the Federal Tax Credit of 30%, for both Skylights and Blinds, making them more affordable than you think.

Lastly, Velux has state-of-the-art touch screen remote controls that can be programmed to have ALL your skylights on one remote, or a remote for each. They can be set to open and close when YOU want them to, blinds too, whether it`s first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. All solar Skylights are equipped with a rain sensor that will automatically close your skylight with the first drops of rainfall.

We would be happy to help you in choosing the right product for your home at your convenience.

Andy Senatore is the Shepley Roofing and Siding Vertical Product Specialist. He started in the construction industry over 30 years ago and has worked in sales and management for over 20.

Andy has exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the roofing industry. Andy works with Gordon Correia out of the Hyannis Office.

They can be reached at 508-862-6200.