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Primed Interior Door Collection

Brosco interior door units are manufactured using highly skilled craftsman to create the specific door you have ordered and each unit is made to order to your exacting specifications. The Brosco shops will make units with split jambs, single or double rabbeted, flat board with or without stops to allow for regional preferences. The offering of finish colors for hinges makes it possible to match your door hardware with other hardware throughout the house.

All Brosco 1 3/8” primed doors are constructed of 3/8” thick MDF flat panels and are stocked in a full range of sizes. Each door has an engineered core stile for strength and stability, a primed MDF veneered surface for paint grade applications, and factory sealed top and bottom rails.

Brosco’s 1 3/8” primed doors are stocked in a variety of styles: from 1 panel through 6 panel, with options of Ovolo and square sticking with flat panels, to hip raised with Ovolo sticking only. Also available are Glass French Doors in multiple layouts and Louver Doors. In addition, Brosco stocks 1 3⁄4” thick doors in 1 panel, 2 panel, and 1 Light French Doors.

With more choices than ever before, Brosco’s extensive selection of interior doors means you’re sure to find the right door for your project. Let us know how we can help!

Don Rhodes is an interior trim road salesman and has been with Shepley for 14 years. Don has extensive industry experience with windows, doors and interior products.

You can reach Don at 508-862-6225