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Remembering Mike Margotta

On April 16th of this year, we lost a great friend, Mike Margotta of Brewster. Mike was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014 and he battled it with all the courage and gusto you could imagine. Mike gave it hell, just like we knew he would do. After a few years, I started to think he might be the one to outlive the rest of us. I have always enjoyed Mike’s style. He was very direct and the perfect guy to have a conversation with even if you were hard of hearing, because he was a full volume guy. That is the way he rolled and it was his best part. He was all in, all the time, and you had no trouble figuring out where he stood. Mike was a fiercely loyal guy and we could pick up a conversation like we never left it, regardless of the length on intermission. Mike first moved down to the Cape from Hingham in 1982. He met his wife, Katie, through C Kevin Legge, his first employer here on the Cape. Katie’s cousin, Jen, was married to Kevin and it didn’t take long for Mike to fall for Katie and for Katie to fall for Mike. They married in 1985 and started a family. Children Matthew, Peter, and Marie came along and then grandchildren Mila, Frankie, and William.

Mike went out on his own in 2006 and developed a great business as a builder with an exceptional crew who have all been with him for years. Mike’s son, Peter, is keeping the crew together and will continue his dad’s legacy. That legacy paints the picture of a man who was hard working, honest, generous to a fault, always direct and straightforward, and a guy who you knew would call it as he saw it. He was a fighter, always, whether it be fighting for his family, his customers, or his friends. But even fighting for his life, he was quick to credit his doctors led by Dr. Jaclyn Flanigan and the oncology staff at Cape Cod Hospital. That was Mike, always generous with love, help, or praise.

We won’t get the pleasure of seeing Mike again on the jobsite, with his family to whom he was most devoted, or on the ski slopes, on which he always enjoyed himself, but we will always have the pleasure of having known a true good friend who never lost his sense of humor or his courage no matter what the circumstances. Farewell Mike...our loss is Heaven’s gain.