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Rocky Mountain Hardware

Their story:Rocky Mountain Hardware began as a family owned distributor and showroom for other manufacturers’ architectural hardware. Over time they began to notice a gap in the market, both in terms of style and the quality of the hardware’s operation. They found that architects, designers, and builders from the upscale Sun Valley, Idaho market were repeatedly asking for something that just didn’t exist.

That was the beginning of custom bronze work by Rocky Mountain Hardware. Whenever a need arose on a project for a particular type of hardware that just couldn’t be found, the company created it. This grew into the realization that there was a market for a new line of hardware: a simple, handcrafted look that would work equally as well in a rustic log home, a Mediterranean-style villa, a French country house, or a more contemporary-style project.

Since then the collection has grown from door hardware and accessories, to sinks and faucets, to tile and lighting.

How it’s made:The art of crafting molten bronze to fit the image in an artisan’s mind begins with art-grade bronze ingots. At temperatures of up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, 300 pounds of molten bronze is hand poured from the crucible to the mold, creating the raw castings which are then given to the experienced hands of highly skilled craftsmen for detailed, perfect finishing of every surface. From there, the bronze enters into a partnership with its environment, responding with ageless grace to the forces of time, touch, and climate to deepen the patina, mellowing it in a way only nature can, as evidenced by the beauty of ancient bronze statues.

Being Green:Rocky Mountain Hardware contains a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content.

Their commitment extends not only to how they make the product, but also to where they make it. When they decided to expand the headquarters in Hailey, Idaho, they turned to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED®) certification standards as their guide to building a green facility. By following these nationally recognized principals, they designed a building which balances our environmental responsibilities, resource efficiencies and the well-being of the employees. They achieved a LEED® Gold rating for this facility. The efforts to meet this standard will help mitigate the building’s effect on the environment while providing a tangible example of their commitment to the environment.

Project Showcases:Some of the well-known projects that have utilized Rocky Mountain’s quality and design include the Shooting Star Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Idaho State Capitol building in Boise, Idaho. Pelican Hill Resort Newport Coast, California. And the Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho just to name a few.

Conclusion:Shepley’s is proud to partner and show a wide variety of products offered in the door hardware and accessories portion of Rocky Mountain’s offerings. Please feel free to visit the Shepley Showcase to consult us on how Rocky Mountain can work for your next project?

We will be hosting the Rocky Mountain Road Show on October 9th starting at 10:00 A.M. in Hyannis and will finish the afternoon until 4:00 P.M. at our Wellfleet location. Rocky Mountain will have their 47’ trailer on locations with full product displays available to Architects & Builders.

Dwayne Campbell has nearly 20 years experience in the lumber and building materials industry. His extensive background includes: contractor sales, retail hardware and paint sales and management, and architectural hardware sales and purchasing. Dwayne has been the Architectural Hardware Product Specialist at Shepley for 5 years. He is skilled in jobsite takeoffs, producing hardware schedules for installation and servicing your hardware purchases.

Contact Dwayne at 774-836-3155 to set up an appointment in our Shepley Showcase or a jobsite visit!