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Shepley Dedicates Largest Solar Project On Cape Cod!

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place amidst a Nor’Easter on Wednesday, November 7th, 2:30pm at Airport Way Solar Field in Hyannis, MA. Senator Dan Wolf, Tony Shepley of Shepley Wood Products, Cape business leader Bruce MacGregor, My Generation Energy founder Luke Hinkle, and town energy coordinator, Richard Elrick spoke at the event.

This solar field has nearly 6,000 panels generating 1.4 megawatts of photovoltaic power!

Quote from Tony Shepley – President, Shepley Wood Products:
“We are excited to be part of a collaborative effort that is helping to push through alternative energy as an emerging technology. This solar array is producing significant green energy with no moving parts nor environmental risk, only positive impact. Charles F. Kettering, head of General Motors, once said ‘We should all be concerned about the future, because we will spend the rest of our lives there.’ Welcome to the future!”

About My Generation Energy –
My Generation Energy is a Cape Cod based solar installation company that has been expanding rapidly since Luke Hinkle started the company in 2009. In 2012, My Generation Energy became the largest solar installer in Barnstable County with a broad appeal to both residential and commercial customers. My Generation Energy is also known for creating the Nation’s first Community Solar Garden® project, an innovative and responsible way to make solar more accessible.

Quote from Luke Hinkle, President, My Generation Energy, Inc.:
“While the image of thousands of solar panels is impressive, the real beauty of this project is in the vision of the future for businesses on Cape Cod and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. My Generation Energy has been actively developing business models to amplify the local benefits of solar. Many other solar developments on Cape Cod are unfortunately owned by distant and veiled entities—hence, the major benefits are lost. The remarkable success of My Generation Energy and its customers stems from a focus on local ownership. As recently demonstrated with our Brewster Community Solar Garden development, the proper business approach keeps the benefits close to home. The Airport Way Solar project shows another method for forward-thinking business owners to control their energy supply and re-invest in area businesses. My Generation Energy sincerely thanks the owners of Airport Way Solar for their commitment to these principles. We are excited to play a role in this energy revolution.”