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Shepley Minute: VYCOR enV-S

VYCOR® enV-S™ Weather Resistive Barrier

Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

The Grace Vycor enV-S Peel and Stick House wrap is a self-adhering membrane that acts as a fully-adhered weather resistive barrier and shields the house from wind-driven rain and air infiltration. This membrane attaches directly to the sheathing, and it is breathable or vapor permeable. Peel and stick house wrap prevents moisture by allowing condensation to exit the structure, and it seals itself around fasteners or at areas of overlap. Seams do not need to be taped or mechanically fastened, making it a simple install and an easy membrane to work with.

Product Advantages

    • Fully adhered—installation requires no mechanical fasteners or taping of seams
    • Water resistant—forms a fully adhered barrier against wind driven rain
    • Vapor permeable—“breathable” membrane prevents moisture from becoming trapped in the wall cavity and provides walls the ability to dry
    • Air resistive—greatly reduces air leakage and helps improve building energy efficiency
    • Strong adhesion—to unprimed plywood and oriented strandboard (OSB).
    • Controlled thickness—factory made sheet ensures consistent, non-variable site application
    • Lightweight—allows for easy handling and installation
    • Installation flexibility—may be exposed up to 90 days
    • System solution—when used in combination with VYCOR® Flashings
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Protecting Homes and Reputations for over 40 Years

Well-built homes need to be built for the worst that Mother Nature has to offer, resisting water infiltration and the costly effects of rot and mold that can result. Building for quality means building for all weather conditions, so builders now need to prepare for the worst no matter where they're building.

Learn how to protect your homes.